To join Project Kaeru, you must own Flipnote Studio 3D.
Please see this guide for information on how to join Project Kaeru using the Homebrew Launcher / HANS method. It's easy!
While not required any more, it is preferable that you have a 3DS / 2DS with Custom Firmware (eg. Luma3DS).
A universal guide for getting a Custom Firmware onto your 3DS is available at - don't worry, the process has very few risks and bricks are very rare if you follow the instructions.

Once you have a Custom Firmware installed on your 3DS, you need to install a patched version of Flipnote Studio 3D.
You will have an application named "FBI" on your HOME menu, which you use to install CIA files - these are files which will be installed onto your 3DS and will be displayed on your HOME Menu.
You can download the latest CIA for your region here
. (European users: please use this version)
Alternatively, if you have NTR CFW (which runs on top of another CFW), you can use our LayeredFS plugin, available here.
We're always happy to help, just post a message in the Discord server!

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